Fernandez Child Development Centre Supported by DFGC


Child Development Centre was established in 2015 as a comprehensive, holistic centre for children with special needs, providing learning and developmental support. In 2019, Divi’s foundation for Gifted Children (DFGC) collaborated with Fernandez Foundation, both not for profit organisations, to provide care and nurture for children with special needs in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. Fernandez Child Development Centre (FCDC), supported by Divis Foundation for Gifted Children, is one of the most comprehensive holistic centres for children with special needs, providing a wide category of therapeutic and developmental support along with specialised ancillary therapies and services. We are supported by a strong team of experienced professionals from diverse specialities who are driven by a strong passion for serving children with special needs and are committed to our vision.

Please visit FCDC Page https://fernandezcdc.org.

Medical and Rehabilitation Services

Every child is beautiful and different in their own way. Therefore, be it their assessment or rehabilitation services, each child’s therapy plan is individually curated according to their unique developmental needs. The team operates in a collaborative way, integrating the strengths of the child while planning the way forward. The team meets at regular intervals to understand the child’s holistic progress and formulate the plan forward. The parents are involved in every step along the way as they need to be equipped with techniques to provide support in the child’s development. According to The Hanan Centre, Toronto, Canada, “Natural environment is the best way for children to learn, providing them with opportunities to communicate with key people in their lives.”

Services at Centres