Past Events

January 2017 - Dr. Anthony Bailey’s Workshop in Hyderabad

Dr. Bailey is the Professor and Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at UBC in July 2010. He came from the University of Oxford where he was the Cheryl and Reece Scott Chair of Psychiatry, the first medical chair devoted to the study of autism. Dr. Anthony Bailey’s clinical work focuses on teenagers and able adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Bailey’s research has investigated the neurobiological basis of autistic disorders, using genetic, neuropathological and neuroimaging approaches. Until his move to Canada, Dr. Bailey coordinated the International Molecular Genetic Study of Autism Consortium: a large international team of clinicians and scientists brought together to identify susceptibility genes for autism.

Dr. Bailey conducted a two day workshop in Hyderabad during his visit in January 2017. He did a one-day training program for the therapists at the centre. On the second day DFGC along with Twin Cities Branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics invited Dr. Bailey to give a talk on Autism and its possible detection of early signs. First signs of autism usually appear before the child reaches the age of two years. Early Intervention is the key to improving the child’s quality of life.

24th July 2019 – Indo Canadian Conference (I-CAN)

A delegation of 12 Indian clinicians and researchers met with 5 Canadian experts in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for a day-long conference on the topics of ASD, the current status and needs of ASD clinical services and research in India. The main objective of this conference was to share expertise with Indian clinicians, researchers and stakeholders, and together explore issues like identification of priorities, challenges with knowledge mobilization, and real-life realities of translation to the Indian context. The conference was broken into eight 45-minute sessions focussing on specific topics.

The Delegates who participated:


  • Vikram Dua University of Toronto
  • Lonnie Zwaigenbaum University of Alberta
  • Dan Goldowitz University of British Columbia
  • Jessica Brian University of Toronto
  • Patrick McGrath Dalhousie University


  • Nandini Mundkur Center for Child D&D
  • Nandita DE Souza Sethu Centre for Child Development
  • Supriya Malik London Learning Centre
  • Pramod Gaddam Fernandez Hospital Foundation
  • John Vijay Sagar Nat. Institute MH and Neurosciences
  • Mimi Silveira Goa Medical College
  • Nidhi Singhal Action for Autism
  • Koyeli Sengupta Ummeed
  • Ashok MV St. John's Medical College Hospital
  • Sheffali Gulati All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Aarti Nair Latika Roy Foundation
  • Meera Srinath NIMHANS/UNC

The main discussion themes included:

  • Identification: Diagnosis, Screening and Surveillance
  • Early Interventions for children with ASD
  • Complex Presentations and Comorbidities
  • Parent/Family support needs
  • Outreach, Community Engagement and Knowledge Translation
  • Capacity-Building and Training
  • Research and Professional Mentoring

Next Steps and Strategic Plan

  • Help create ASD centre(s) of excellence across India.
  • Assist in developing simple local tools.
  • Provide low-cost, highly accessible targeted training workshops.
  • Webinar series and/or online courses
  • Access to ongoing clinical supervision and mentoring
  • Mentoring fellowships – individualized by centres depending on need (could be research, clinical, cross-disciplinary)
  • Pilot projects in corporate sector to support adult employment
  • Complete environmental scan(s) of available resources and develop navigation tools for families
  • Make I-CAN the “go-to” entity for policy makers – like INSAR or Autism Speaks
  • Social media presence
  • Research mentoring; could be modelled on Canada’s National Autism Research Training Program”
  • Presentation to IAP/IPS as preconference workshop

August 2019 – Run for Autism Awareness; Airtel Marathon 2019

As part of our vision DFGC kickstarted its awareness program by participating in the Airtel Marathon Run. This is the first Awareness event organised by DFGC. 450 participants from Divi’s Laboratories and Fernandez Hospitals ran the 5km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon in order to raise awareness for Autism. Many of the participants were questioned during the run “What is Autism?” This laid a platform for the planning of the upcoming events in 2020.

Autism Awareness Run
Autism Awareness Run